more than a year now

August 5, 2012
We have had this site for more than a year now. Some members have come and gone, but we are still growing and learning.  I'm not sure what this site is destined for, but we will keep it up as long as we feel like it is wanted.

Changes to system

November 27, 2011
Everyone please PM me with your email addys so that I can put them in your profiles so that if you lose your passwords they can be recovered

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Work in Progress

June 12, 2011
This is a work in Progress, and is not near completed.
We welcome suggestions and comments, as this is a place for all of to enjoy.

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experimental exploratory website

June 12, 2011
this is to explore possibilities and see what we can open up for our friends. i am doing this because i know that my wife will enjoy it. I will soon be turning full control over to her after showing her how to use the features
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