Welcome to HuffDaMagicDragon's page of Huffette's place. 

 if you need to contact me my email is huffdamagicdragon@gmail.com

one of my sales sites is  http://www.bestparanormalsellers.com/store/huffs-cats-eyes/100471

To pay please use paypal.me/HuffDaMagicDragon

below you see the choice of colors I currently have available Top to bottom and left to right you see light blue, orange, dark blue, purple, pink, yellow and green

Also note that if you decide to buy from me, there are no promises being made that you will have any experiences like those described in the sites linked below. Nor am I to be held responsible for any events that may happen in the presence of said object. This is sold "for entertainment only"

Below you will find the links for more information

Although this thread is over 100 pages , most of the posts are pictures of the orbs as i work with them each day


The beginning pages of this thread were posts taken from the thread above to create my sellers review thread, so at first they are not in chronological order. So this thread is where you need to post your critique on my work, if you choose to once you own one. You can still post in the thread above as long as you are not commenting about the one you own.


There is some things you need to know about the listing called " copy of my obsidian orb"

1. It costs more because it can do more and the fact that I don't want it in the hands of beginners who cannot already "see" the energy that is on it and astrally project into the orb's universe.

2. The word copy is there because it is a copy of all the energy, magick and portals of my personal tool for energy, astral travel and research, and a reservoir of spells that is all my creation.

3. Although it has certainly helped me to gain some abilities, I cannot promise it will help develop your abilities

4. So far, all of the purchasers have described some of the things i saw within my obsidian which includes a universe to explore with  a HALL OF DOORS similar to something you might see in the movie series of THE MATRIX. When you step through the door you step into another universe or realm.

So you can read what one of my clients says about this item here is a link:

I will be developing this page soon. and posting pictures  of  my wares for those who have eyes to see.

Dragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragonHuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDaMagicDragon HuffDa

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