A Place For My Friends To Chat

This site was not set up in competition with any other web site. We make no money from running this site. In fact, it costs us money to have the chat engine. Please don't post a link for this site in any chat or forum that has rules against it, such as and especially in Creepy Hollows.

 We set up this chat for personal reasons among which is the fact that there are too many rules in the other sites restricting what can be discussed.

We are undergoing some changes, so please be aware.  The new password recovery system needs your email address.

Welcome. The rules are simple. 

1. Don't insult us or our intelligence. (we are smarter than you might think)

2. If you're angry for any reason, don't use us as a punching bag.

3. Have fun. Don't get too nasty with your language as there is a possibility of children looking over some of our shoulders. There are no censors (unless you are new here).

4. Please refrain from asking a string of questions unless you are in a private window or in a room other than the lobby.  And please don't continuously repeat questions that have been answered as that gets annoying.

Newbies be aware that ANY of our members can kick you.

5. sorry but we have to add another rule...please do not bash another seller or person...this open us up to legal action with all the ridiculous laws on the books.... if you MUST talk about someone , then that person must remain unidentifiable

6. Please refrain from using facebook to get our attention as most of us use facebook for family contact, and for a lot of us , our family has no idea about spirits and magic.

Let us know if there is anything you would like us to add to this site 

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if any one wants to use this space let me know 

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