The 2 pics of candles are for those who can see energy from pictures.  This page tells you the how-to to use my "make-a-money-candle" bead. This bead is a copy of the magick I put on a candle as I used my sleepweaving method. You use this bead to copy it to another candle. 

First let me tell you how I use the bead and copy bag. I use the Creepy Hollows Bag of all Tricks. I place the bag laying flat with the open end towards me, then place the bead in the bag to  the left side of the open end and the candle  in the bag to the right. I then place my finger on the outside of the bag so I can feel the bead through the cloth of the bag.  Then at the indicated time I will move my finger so I can feel the  candle   in the same manner.

While my finger is on the bead say "Do not move the original casting, only copy. Let all the properties of all the magic within mirror now. " 

Move your finger to the candle and continue  by saying " Take on your proper form within THIS vessel, as a true copy of the original casting, forever bound to serve your intent unto your master" 

Now wait about a minute and remove the candle and bead and put the bead  and the bag away.

Now you can burn the candle with no further ritual to release its power. You can put the candle out and relight it later or let it burn itself out as long as you use proper precautions to be safe. You can use any candle and get results, but if you want to get the best results continue reading. The little cheap tea candle will work but I get the best results with the solid color green altar candles. The green taper candles that are white candles dipped in colored wax will work with the power level somewhere in between. What follows below is all optional after copying the magick to the candle.

To still further improve the energy and to add your own personal energy to it, follow the suggestions below.

Take a six inch green altar candle and  using a sharp metal object (I use an old pocket knife with a short blade heated over a candle so it is just hot enough to melt the wax) etch the symbols pictured above into the bottom half of the candle. Depending on how I feel at the time I will usually just use one of the second pic above and 2, 3, or 4  of the first symbol. 

After etching, I then use either extra virgin olive oil or some version of "money drawing oil" such as what is available from Cat Yronwode's site. (

I am now describing the method I learned for anointing a candle before I discovered my sleepweaver abilities. To anoint a candle you spread a light coat of oil onto the surface of the candle. If you are left-handed reverse the hands in this description since you likely use your left hand to project energy.

Hold the candle pointing away from you in your left hand and dip your right index finger in the oil and smear the oil onto the candle with your finger moving from the tip toward the midpoint and at the same time towards yourself while thinking or saying "come to me" . Rotate the candle and repeat until the whole top half of the candle is wet with oil. Then turn the candle  so it is pointing at you and repeat except that you are now going from the bottom of the candle to the middle but still moving your finger towards yourself. Do this until the entire candle is wet with oil. The candle does not need to be dripping with oil.

Now set the candle in a holder. If you choose to, you could also copy the magick of the bead to the candleholder as well.

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